Caravan Drain Down & Winterise Service

Caravan plumbing services in Mod Wales, Telfod & Shropshire areas.

At Hamer Leisure we are first call for many Static Caravan owners and Caravan Parks in the mid wales and Shropshire areas.

To avoid burst pipes and damage caused by the winter weather our drain down service will make sure your static caravan is ready for the colder months.

Caravan drain down services consist of

Disconnection off stop Tap to caravan (Prevents water entering pipework in caravan if tap fails)
Removal off all domestic water drain cocks
Removal off shower thermostatic mixers (If fitted in caravan)
Removal off drain plug in Combi boiler/Water heater (if fitted)
Blow out water from all taps in caravan using compressed air
Place antifreeze in all sink u-bends and toilet cistern and pan
Check level of antifreeze in central heating system.
We isolate any white goods that are in the caravan (but due to these not being able to be drained down we do not however cover these in our service)

If you would like to book a winter drain down, or would like further information please contact us we are always happy to help.

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What can happen if my Caravan is not drained down correctly?

Caravan plumbing services in Mod Wales, Telfod & Shropshire areas.

The damaged caused lead to quite an expensive repair to replace burst pipes and the other associated damage caused by the expanded frozen water.

All Makes & Models

Trusted caravan repair specialists

We repair all makes and models of static caravan, please call us for more information.

Repair work due to frost & frozen Pipes

Caravan drain down can prevent damage to pipework and flooding in the winter months

Here is a collection of jobs we have undertaken where frost and frozen pipework have cause damage to plumbing services and flooding damage due to not draining down a caravan for the winter period.