Caravan Frost Damage

Don’t be caught out this winter from frost & frozen pipes

If you don’t drain down your caravan correctly you can open yourself up to a lot of potential issues, and sometimes expensive ones too.  In this caravan we came to fix a leaking boiler and it turns out the expansion of the water freezing had caused the 2 copper pipes to expand to the point where the clips snapped.  This of course then lead to a water leak, which potentially could have caused many hundreds of pounds of damage to the boiler, flooring, furniture and caravan structure.

At Hamer Leisure we are certified and boilerrepair experts, we have the expertise to diagnose these sorts of issues and repair them.  In the picture below we show what a new clip should look like and what the freezing expansion has done to the old clips.

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Frost Damage

The force of the freezing water expansion

Hard to believe the force of the freezing water expansion could do this but as you can see the expansion has been so great and with enough force to bend the clips until they failed.

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